Sunday, July 31, 2011


Day1 : 28-07-2011

5.10 a.m: Wakeup call - Heard the worst tone i presume to be - my mother's voice. It seemed to be the worse for me and I hate that particularly when she yells my name to come out of the paradise land I was into sleeping tight. Finishing my morning duties with a nice shower to wake myself from the mighty sleep-doze hangover I rushed into my pooja room started chanting mantras. Wearing my boot on i started walking towards the mirror seeing myself for a check, happy I had my zip on, at last smiled at the mirror and heard a voice 'why the hell was that shit-eating grin on my face?'  Too gross it looked. That is how i started from my home to the so called Day1 of my corporate life


6.20 a.m: Chetpet station- Started in train and reached the destination point MEPZ. I was amidst a group of bee's flying for a place in its nest, god it took my brains out to get myself steady entering into the shuttle reaching the Cognizant campus and there stood the big Q, it was big enough I could term it as 'queue I have never been next to tirupathi dharshan'. Getting in our temporary entry pass sticking my photo sealing it entered the campus. I swear a feeling of paramount joy aroused in me to see 40% (in approx) were chicks among 580 people who turned up for the Day 1.  With a mood filled with pride, happiness, enthusiasm and excitement I walked towards the third floor where we had been given a place to get settled, to fill in the details asked for and submitting the records. Excused myself among the people who were blocking my way I gave my records for verification and there seemed to start a 'wrong thing' just in the 'right time'.
"Can I see at least a photocopy of your Degree Certificate" a lady (GIRL to be correct) HR asked me. "What?" was the only word I could reply in answer. Immediate reaction followed to my word by folding my file and pointing her index finger to a table where I could see pissed-of-faces in dozens being seated. With no more questions I went there explaining to person in charge that I have all my records other than the one asked for, but they never cared my words nor my reaction demanding the one I’m without, next came an information
if(submitted tomorrow)
 You r in;
Be back on September 2nd (the next recruitment date)
i was in a "WTF!" state and there was a sensation of unformed dread in my belly. Suddenly I had a brainstorm where at sometimes you don’t think of anything particular but you think so many others. Back to Back calls to my Mom and aunt, asking them to search the copy that I was asked to, but both of them ended my call saying they failed. And that sure was enough to make my day a "Holy- crap!!” I was experiencing the height of frustration when I started terming a guy as pizza face (he was flooded with pimples and man that was oozing) who asked me way to RR, yelling at whomsoever its concerned who dashed me on their way even though it was unintentional, most of all never did I pause for a second to be still and look at those lovely hot chicks who passed my way (injustice I thought!!). They day 1 ended in Campus with a photo shoot and all were asked to be at 8.45 the next day. Started back home with "where is it? Where did I keep? Where shall I find it" questions.

6.30 p.m: Back home - Walked in my room where I could possibly get the images stating 'the hunt has begin' and the result of it 'answer was given by the void expression seen in my Father's face'. Trying to put myself to sleep but I could never win over it and then I stared debating saying something along the thoughts that were running, at last decide to go against it. Whatever happens let me face it. No point in cursing the HR people cos the cause for losing it truly lies on me

Day 2 : 29-07-2011

7.30 a.m: Chetpet Station - Walking down the platform Mobile rings
'THERE WAS A ELECTRIC COMMUNICATION BETWEEN US' i laughed too loud to release the tension (I’m sure my father was relived too) to hear the certificate is there. I drove my bike down to my home rushed up too fast as if it was my Wife's Due date, it dint take too long to catch up with the certificate in my hands. The smell of it was so rusty as it was sandwiched amidst 70's and 80's papers which was my father’s Property

10.30a.m: MEPZ - Back to campus I reached the place late by hour and half. Sat with a same old shit-eating grin on my face. I soon got the place I intended to join on Monday i was really pumped up hearing it . Then I started realizing is it my curse or luck as no-one amidst all the HR people never did ask about the submission of Degree certificate of missed out people which was in great demand on day 1, that spoilt my First ever day in Corporate World completely

3.30 p.m: Day came to an end I walked out of the Hall glancing my bag and constantly holding my Degree certificate in my hands, I know how stupid it must sound but I felt good holding it in my hands.

Finally Day 1 and Day 2 - Kick off in a POPU (Pissed Off Pumped Up) State.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Poem

I decided I would become an S/W engr. N yeah i can claim now that i did, perhaps I shall a good deal gratify my own vanity

Is this ma destiny or fate or curse whateva . Excuses were many when i started my so called damm thing MCA huhh!! ra, so am poor at these junk codes ,never had any idea of these magical logic okay so its really hard etc...

Now clear wit a thought that whatever things happened has happened, things happening is happening, things to come will come or may not(least bothered tone!)

So For all those days here is 'A Poem' .

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
To travel both i was clear i never could

Yet i choose the one that was cold
I feared i Wouldn't reach the end even i am old

College life isn't too bad
yet some memories turns me sad

CO was the first basic paper
Marks i scored made me laugh like a doper
("2 0ut of 50 - first internals, first paper!! kudos Anand :-P ")

C and C++ Was my Starting trouble
Clearing them wasn't a big struggle

TCP was my choice for elective
A-Z all the topics was sedative

Accounts class reminds me of k7
But the score i got was just 57

OOPS and OS were the darling of masses
Concepts gets Erased as time passes

Graphics And Maths seemed so plain
But those lectures simply screwed my brain

Lab classes always companied with a good Nap
PRAC results came jumbled with the letters CRAP

Preparing for Networks Was a worst pain
But All those efforts just went in Vain

Sylabbus of JAVA was as vast like well
Preparing them (to me) it was like hell

SPM book was like 'what the fuck!'
Marks in Internal came as duck

Unix was the last paper to give me a boost
But i could do nothing against that Holy Ghost

Exam Prayers were the only ray of hope
At times God even answered with one word nope!!

Campus days started wit CTS
And tat switched me ON like an UPS

Thinking about the characters i met
none except me can find like that,i bet

The memory of all my friends always remain
There can never be another you(ALL) again

  - Anand  Sambamoorthy