Wednesday, August 11, 2010



"Lovely mom!!" , the word i had hardly use after eating my moms Cookin Mela. yeah i agree am such an arse to criticize or comment on Others when it comes to food , and claiming a credit saying am straight forward huh!!

Okay Steppin now into Cook-O-Thon ."A chef on the making" . too much self dabba i guess , anywayz am worth it .
Okay her it goes.

Sunday noon ,Bored to the core, Vettithanam pulling all parts of body to n fro, guess how it would be.
"Bulb glows" - to be true a girl crossed the street and she was stunningly hot (around ma place a girl like this,gawd i must be dreaming).Best tat happened Out of this, as i watched her i was caught by one particular thing "groceries"
(trust me only GROCERIES) .

Y not i try out cooking the dish i wish?
wats special about last word "MASALA".
I bet u guys born as me, would have tough time for food, not that my moom cooks awful, not that she doesn gives me proper food("mom,i love you and u really cook great, dads been living wit you happily, right from marriage :-P)
Its a simple thing i hate about my Mom ,its tat Orthodox 'No garlic,No masala Iyer motto'. Born as a white cross guy(i mean,iyer) have to bear with this . Tats the storyline why i was motivated to cook.Got that

Well i then started Bugging my cousin Meera to give me an idea to cook "VEGETABLE BIRYANI" :-) She was like ,asking me "u crazy!"(i cursed her 'big fat lady'. grrr). I was like "yeah!!tell me loser i wanna cook" . she was laughin like insane ,swear to god it was horrible. But the next minute she got a paper and started to pen down as if she is mrs.know all :-P nways i was exited about the recipie, and tat was a head start for the kitchen king thing, to dish out something yummy!
Kick off at 3.00 in the noon ,under no expert  guidance,Started wit Slicing vegetables,chopped fresh coriander and pudhina, arranged all the neccesary ingredients,ligtning the Stove,placing the pan,chanting mantras so as to cook 'not-awful' :-P

"Pour oil 5 spoons" Step 1 in Akkas recipie . It went on and i acted in correlation to the recipie , ma hands got burnt twice while i cooked. I Started feeling Proud beside hearing my poor mom cursing me, tuking her towel end fully into her nose :-P. After a while It was the zee boom baa minute for me openin the cooker and the aroma that came was woo haaa words falling short and wen i tasted , a wide GRIN ,same as ORBIT WHITE advert.
"PERFECT!!"  sayin to myself , turned around  sudden pause in ma heart,it was the same old face of my  mother but this time i said to myself russel peters famous verse"somebody's gonna get hurt real bad!!!", I could see her turning like kali cos of mess i created .You all know Once the War gets over, Battlefield do look miserable ,not too much of change in my case expect that i gave the Kitchen a brand new look - "Clumsiness" suits it !!
Big deal ,If everything is perfect then ther's no fun.

And tats how "cook-o-thon" ended up being a grand success !! cheers guys

to be contd..............