Sunday, February 14, 2010

V's Day...............

Feb 14 few yrs back . twirl twirl twirl !!!!
::: me,mom n bro ::::
bro to mom , "maaa irritating! such a shame , i hate this , i was helpless!!!! , shit ... i dint know wearin green dress would would
would ,,,, pull me to a scene like this ",,,haaahhhhaaa !!! :-) i realised his friends would have got a great gala time pullin his legs down
"wats wrong in that?" mom wit a puzzled expression..
:-)tadaaaaaaa an enthusiatic entry
"mom green dress na , he is single , indication to girls he is searchin for a girl" i said
"wat????" mom said
.."amma whoever wears green dress symbolises they need a girl , cos today is feb 14 lovers day"(wasnt used 2say valentines day those days)
"stupid!!"mom said
"yes maaa , thats the thing, my friends teased me a lot ...."bro said n immediately looking at me "dei u knew this n all ah ?"
wit a evil grin , red horns popin out wit a proud tone "ya ya sagalamum ariveen !!!!" n tat was a Gintong Alaala moment bout feb14 :)

Happy valentines day to my friends who left some footprints in am heart till date , am here to say u that I LOVE U ALL SO MUCH, THE WAY I LOVE MYSELF .. muahhhhhh :-* !!!!

I knew many of us would have made so much fun , n had so much fun on these things during pre-college years ......right?
yeah green blue red black , these were the four prominent colours a teenage fellas would never forget regards to this day....

"macha u gotta green shirt?"...
"blue shirt ah u got committed ? " a reply comes "s da mapla!!"(to b true he had only tat colour to wear)
"hey lets wear black da , who needs love n all these shit huh!! wat say?"
it went on like this , but dose r d days v were huntin fa green shirts,riding triples in bicycles following n falling,standing on roadside corners,school parking area,dumb struck if a girl looks at u wen u in group and there starts the subramaniyapuram smile ...
ha ha imaging those scenes dose wer heaven part 1 ....

Wats special About V'S Day- "Valentines day is wat u might have thought rite" (but wait a sec.. V's to me is kinda special , eva forget wat u brushed in ur mind, but ppl neva forget d 1st crush in ur heart:-) :-) hpe few'f ma frnds got wat i mean, "yeah the same da machi")

y do ppl get so much exited,,, flowers,gifts,hugs ,kisses exchanged more than flags that ppl give during Independance day .CRAZINESS TO D CORE!!.(wat abt me ?, even i don give flags :-D)
the qoutes that people say wen they r in love,, GOD plz save these asses to come out of palpitation that has hpnd to them .
bull shit is wat say now :-P :-D ..

Whats Love ? Wats special About that? How u say its love?
Climbing the walls n Gettin into ur beloved house 12@ nite, placin some gifts n wishin her on b'day - is that L?
Gettin a gift from ur beloved,postin status as U love that gift in some social network - is that L?
Spkn for hours n hours , textin all day , sayin i feel ma Family in u - is tat L?
some ppl turn mad,sayin he/she is ma friend , gettin into argument wit ppl tryin to say am not in love, allas acceptin its love-is that L?
some quote 'LOVE is Giving without any Expectation'(losers quote .. watchin a three hour film:-D-P) - is that called L?
Even more worse thing is RUSHIN to get commited coz "he/she is been commited still i dint" - is tat L?
.....D list wont end up if i shell out wat all i came to knew frm ma friends
But wat is LOve ?
"bhol! AALLL IZZZZ LOVE" .whateva things ppl around u does in a kind way wit a mix of affection n care is love, b it a smile wen u r sad,pranks n ruckers dey create ending up adding fun !! , pat @ ur back wen u r hpy , clap to make u proud,it goes on ....
We all yearn to recreate the intimacy based on what seems so ideal. Our deepest longings shape what defines love -- fervor (passionate), flawless (perfect), and fulfillment (joy).

I swear i aint know no more shit about that!! but still LOVE is Viewed in a diff way , cuz "five fingers wont b the same,thoughts differ"
y worries? , y expectations? , y commitments? , y ? y? .... "those 'y's" goes on...
We live in a world of 'Broken Promises', Treat things happening lightly,always carry a smile wit u that helps u pack bag full of happiness,things at present wont b the same coz EVERYTHING CHANGES ,
to b specific "THE SHADES DO CHANGE"
Hope there will b a day wer cupid strikes BULLS EYE ON MA BACK so hard, for me to visualize tweeties n angels play 'merry-go-round' around ma heads :-P

ciao amigos.....
ending up yelling yabaaaaa dabaaaaaaaa doooooooooooooooooo!!!!:-D

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Changing Shades!!

Hey folks hi to all!!

This is Anand ppl cal me Anand,andy,andu,anshu,kula,pup etc etc etc ........ n here am to jus recalling ,to say exactly recollecting few glimpses of wat stays in mind, from d roots to say bout me,d early days of mine was like a hazy sunshine , misty n mysterious

how dose hpnd?(spkn to frndz as i knew nthin ,but i swear i remember wat v r spkn bout)
was it me?(as if it was ma twin cousin :-P)
No che i dint Do it ?(acting innocent)
Ha Ha correct coreect hey i did it ?(accepting for deeds done weel)
Amma nee po ma ?(privacy at the age 6)
Appa enakku PUFFs venum(As if it was d world to me)

lot n loadz of GINTONG ALAALA:-)("gintong alaala is a filipino word - meaning 'GOLDEN MEMORIES'")

some were

ammas adi(damaal dimil) - first n the best!!!
appas suzuki-(proud ma dad had that!!! hey ma dad has it , does ur dad have va ,, hey poda poda 'peethals those days' ,, he he :-D)
family of 18(dad,mom,bro n me ,3 uncles , 3 aunts , 6 cousins ,grandpa,grandma,1st aunts pa......) phew !!!! it was nothin but heaven around , each day is festive day .qweek qweek noise from childrens,busy uncles, tired housemakers , one tv - v all watched ,one hall v all sat, one fight v all disperss !! he he fun was to d core, as i said dose memories was lil fa me cos i was a kiddo na , last in ma houz.. (kada kutty:-)) everybody's sweetheart i was!Trust me no odrs enjoyed as i did, POOR BROS N SIS u must be jealous of me la , specially pachuu pavam da nee !!

though time has parted us away n the so called called important term "carrier" was a major barrier that made all"fuss(all of us) miles away stil v love each other,
now livin in the same big houz wit half n a 1 less(8).:-o

haaaaan it goes more n more like this

hey lemme b back to '10
"CHANGING SHADES"- whats it ? Strage so strange , since 6-7-88(day i was born) so many days passed sorry years passed but wit updation func()("MCA la !! how without COMP terms lol!!") in ma disk i could clearly get with an output ,its change

so many changes happened,some things changed,change in me made some things happen :-) Without accepting the fact that everything changes, we cannot find perfect composure. But unfortunately, although it is true, it is difficult for us to accept it. Because we cannot accept the truth of transience, we suffer.

i repeatedly asked myself asinine qns....

what am i gonna do with change?
what is change gonna do to me?
wat if change in me occurs?(not a guy to shemale!! dare to think like this, am straight .. lol!!!)

change is something that happens naturally ,its some kinda magic that happens to all eventually leading to a path u wish for r a path away from ur thought

life's journey has puzzled me to think about wat s goin on
Something is so strange fa me that goes on and on.
years pass by and time fades away,
what were “good days” are now filled with dismay.
again comes next day,and then again, it goes,
. shit am i fucked up !!! inanely i speak 'no nothin forget it' , but i was flustered to think on shades that pass me by,'wawaaattttt how come ?'

so many things happened , some bad , sme good ,some ugly,sme sweet ....... shades of color 'changes', yeah it does, Best thing is either to move wit colourful shades(memories) r tryin to make everything colourful!!

its like how we get deppressed everything is black , r overwhelming joy makes us feel above the blue skies glorified as if wonders of miracle happened it depends cuz der r some ruthless perks who say am so simble baa
i dnt feel exited nor depressed fa anyhtin nu ,, screw u assholes!!!

life's Change , its upto us to make a choice either a Retool to shape us n shade it colorful , r get screwed up n think think think alaas u end up dying r arrive at d first choice

its not v change as our age++(increments),we become ourselves thats d change..:-)

so amigos out on blogsphere , here iam an amateur blogger with few words penned down ..

chiaooooooo ..

ending up yelling yabaaaaa dabaaaaaaaa doooooooooooooooooo!!!!:-D