Sunday, February 14, 2010

V's Day...............

Feb 14 few yrs back . twirl twirl twirl !!!!
::: me,mom n bro ::::
bro to mom , "maaa irritating! such a shame , i hate this , i was helpless!!!! , shit ... i dint know wearin green dress would would
would ,,,, pull me to a scene like this ",,,haaahhhhaaa !!! :-) i realised his friends would have got a great gala time pullin his legs down
"wats wrong in that?" mom wit a puzzled expression..
:-)tadaaaaaaa an enthusiatic entry
"mom green dress na , he is single , indication to girls he is searchin for a girl" i said
"wat????" mom said
.."amma whoever wears green dress symbolises they need a girl , cos today is feb 14 lovers day"(wasnt used 2say valentines day those days)
"stupid!!"mom said
"yes maaa , thats the thing, my friends teased me a lot ...."bro said n immediately looking at me "dei u knew this n all ah ?"
wit a evil grin , red horns popin out wit a proud tone "ya ya sagalamum ariveen !!!!" n tat was a Gintong Alaala moment bout feb14 :)

Happy valentines day to my friends who left some footprints in am heart till date , am here to say u that I LOVE U ALL SO MUCH, THE WAY I LOVE MYSELF .. muahhhhhh :-* !!!!

I knew many of us would have made so much fun , n had so much fun on these things during pre-college years ......right?
yeah green blue red black , these were the four prominent colours a teenage fellas would never forget regards to this day....

"macha u gotta green shirt?"...
"blue shirt ah u got committed ? " a reply comes "s da mapla!!"(to b true he had only tat colour to wear)
"hey lets wear black da , who needs love n all these shit huh!! wat say?"
it went on like this , but dose r d days v were huntin fa green shirts,riding triples in bicycles following n falling,standing on roadside corners,school parking area,dumb struck if a girl looks at u wen u in group and there starts the subramaniyapuram smile ...
ha ha imaging those scenes dose wer heaven part 1 ....

Wats special About V'S Day- "Valentines day is wat u might have thought rite" (but wait a sec.. V's to me is kinda special , eva forget wat u brushed in ur mind, but ppl neva forget d 1st crush in ur heart:-) :-) hpe few'f ma frnds got wat i mean, "yeah the same da machi")

y do ppl get so much exited,,, flowers,gifts,hugs ,kisses exchanged more than flags that ppl give during Independance day .CRAZINESS TO D CORE!!.(wat abt me ?, even i don give flags :-D)
the qoutes that people say wen they r in love,, GOD plz save these asses to come out of palpitation that has hpnd to them .
bull shit is wat say now :-P :-D ..

Whats Love ? Wats special About that? How u say its love?
Climbing the walls n Gettin into ur beloved house 12@ nite, placin some gifts n wishin her on b'day - is that L?
Gettin a gift from ur beloved,postin status as U love that gift in some social network - is that L?
Spkn for hours n hours , textin all day , sayin i feel ma Family in u - is tat L?
some ppl turn mad,sayin he/she is ma friend , gettin into argument wit ppl tryin to say am not in love, allas acceptin its love-is that L?
some quote 'LOVE is Giving without any Expectation'(losers quote .. watchin a three hour film:-D-P) - is that called L?
Even more worse thing is RUSHIN to get commited coz "he/she is been commited still i dint" - is tat L?
.....D list wont end up if i shell out wat all i came to knew frm ma friends
But wat is LOve ?
"bhol! AALLL IZZZZ LOVE" .whateva things ppl around u does in a kind way wit a mix of affection n care is love, b it a smile wen u r sad,pranks n ruckers dey create ending up adding fun !! , pat @ ur back wen u r hpy , clap to make u proud,it goes on ....
We all yearn to recreate the intimacy based on what seems so ideal. Our deepest longings shape what defines love -- fervor (passionate), flawless (perfect), and fulfillment (joy).

I swear i aint know no more shit about that!! but still LOVE is Viewed in a diff way , cuz "five fingers wont b the same,thoughts differ"
y worries? , y expectations? , y commitments? , y ? y? .... "those 'y's" goes on...
We live in a world of 'Broken Promises', Treat things happening lightly,always carry a smile wit u that helps u pack bag full of happiness,things at present wont b the same coz EVERYTHING CHANGES ,
to b specific "THE SHADES DO CHANGE"
Hope there will b a day wer cupid strikes BULLS EYE ON MA BACK so hard, for me to visualize tweeties n angels play 'merry-go-round' around ma heads :-P

ciao amigos.....
ending up yelling yabaaaaa dabaaaaaaaa doooooooooooooooooo!!!!:-D


KRISHNA said...

ha ha ha ha............. gr8 narration da.... keep it up FUTURE CHETAN BHAGAT it seems.... :)

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