Thursday, June 3, 2010


A time was there in Dec last year,days which passed off as the most disgusting n disappointing days- days of dismay to b appropriate

But this summer brought me some colourful shades things did change(change is good) ,the days to me r filled wit honey n money
Holidays r on , D biggest sigh of relief was 'omg fuck those exams, uphhh got over at last phewwwww!!'next is biddin adieu to friends who wer gettin packed to thier natives , books parted from hands to the corners of room , unlimited sleep accompanied by unscheduled food ,steppin out without plans!!! rite it goes on like this , but with these things in mind strucks the worst part durin hols - 'VETTITHANAM'(to b specific i term it as boredem r u say wateva)

Trip to GOC(gods own country) awww amazing , ma BIG-JOINT family filled two COACHES of Allepy express n tats how my chik buk journey started .
Struck by wanderlust, i hit the road less travelled to go where no one has ever gone. Chances came, that i even succeed in my quest. A strong influence of Jupiter has brought in me spiritual enlightenment.Spiritual insight coupled with some elderly sayings in the temples of kerla kind of transformed my mind into a home to wisdom and foresight. - lol!!! astro Anand speaks :-D

Turnin around from spiritual content, Dance floor was the street, step up film part 3, tharekkadu village was the spot ,wit rite from young kids to 50+oldies wer jumping up n down ,entire village was stunned seein us dancing,whistling when the bridegroom was brought in chariot to see the bride ,i could see everybody around there opening their mouth wide n say "WAT A FAMILY!!" - yeah v Did rock,
N the another side of me turnin to d worse ,few things tat hpnd in GOC sssshhh dey r secret!!!!

Nxt came recpetion eve , party maja .GOA crew guys was how the NATURALS men termed me n ma cousins by the way v looked trust me we r lil bit more than gud :-P n v arent gay :-P, party blazzers ,hair color , mo-hack wooo it was fun v wer all der at our dashing best to impress who? tats apart!!,again relatives get-together night as-usual how a reception eve would be ...

things went so far so good , this isnt it d end .holidays r real "HOLI"-days for me . comin back to spiritual insight - visit to temple has become routine ,Enjambakkam Shridi baba temple, Mylapore Shirdi baba temple, Swami ayyapan temple, n my lovable babanagar BALAVINAYGAR temple . the list goes on ....

still days to go .. engaging myself wit many things to be particular movies(APIE-American pie series 1-7 'man it was hella lot of fun , those who knew about it lol!! stifler - stifmiester, sex,money,love - the way film was made was gross yet i liked it :-P')
I feel truly uplifted expandin my mental and intellectual horizons(nothin like tat still workin on it fellas) as well :-D. so ppl who r sucked up wit boredom i feel pity for u guys !! :-P

Its so nice to be at home ,rite now munchin murruku which mom gave n kesari beside .. awww lovely it is , hpe many would be enjoyin the same way as i do , cheers to them !!!!

so cyu guys ...........

ending up yelling yabaaaaa dabaaaaaaaa doooooooooooooooooo!!!! :-D


Shanthi said...

Good on your part to try these. Keep going

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